Sunday, April 02, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 5-6

This weekend has been pretty good for the challenge. I did a workout tape last night in lieu of going to the gym, and I took today (Sunday) off. So this week I went to the gym or exercised a total of 6 times! (My goal was 5 times). The only problem I am having right now is my house is an absolute disaster area. When I leave school, then go to the gym, then feed the kids, and do my journal it is LATE. I didn't post yesterday so I could catch up a little. Anyway, maybe I will do better with that this week!

Day 5 Layout: Sunny Side Kit
by Kim Crothers @ CreativeSnaps.com
Font: Papyrus

Day 6 Layout: Rainy Season Kit
by Kim Crothers @ CreativeSnaps.com
Font: Showcard Gothic

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