Friday, March 31, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 4

RELIEF! It has finally happened. The pain is slowly retreating. The quote for today makes me think about yesterday. I had in my mind that I absolutely could NOT do that class one more time. But with some prodding, I DID the UNDOABLE! And I am stronger for it! I know that I CAN push myself, and I really DO feel better. I didn't have the conversation with myself all day about whether or not to go... I didn't think up one single excuse and I went! And on a Friday afternoon, I was the only one there :).

On another issue... I guess I have a sub goal on this challenge. I have just begun to try digi scrapping. As a matter of fact, the two Lay Outs that are posted on this blog are my first attempts. I Promise to catch up on Saturday or Sunday! I am really enjoying learning PSE4 in the process. It just takes time.

Day 4 Layout: Shabby Mommy @ shabbyprincess.com
Font: Ribbon131 Bd Bt


Barbara Zea said...

I'm *happy* that you went to the gym today! It feels good to be strong...keep it up!

Barbara Zea said...

Me again...I'm glad you're still doing the layouts..this one is my favorite.