Friday, March 31, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 4

RELIEF! It has finally happened. The pain is slowly retreating. The quote for today makes me think about yesterday. I had in my mind that I absolutely could NOT do that class one more time. But with some prodding, I DID the UNDOABLE! And I am stronger for it! I know that I CAN push myself, and I really DO feel better. I didn't have the conversation with myself all day about whether or not to go... I didn't think up one single excuse and I went! And on a Friday afternoon, I was the only one there :).

On another issue... I guess I have a sub goal on this challenge. I have just begun to try digi scrapping. As a matter of fact, the two Lay Outs that are posted on this blog are my first attempts. I Promise to catch up on Saturday or Sunday! I am really enjoying learning PSE4 in the process. It just takes time.

Day 4 Layout: Shabby Mommy @ shabbyprincess.com
Font: Ribbon131 Bd Bt

Thursday, March 30, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 3

OUCH! It actually hurts to type... Ok so I am a huge Baby! I again had the whole do I go... do I not go... conversation with myself today. (I am beginning to appear a bit insane). I even went as far as to talk to my trainer and beg her to tell me it couldn't be good to be in this much pain.. She laughed at me and MADE me do babysteps again. It was SOO much harder today. BUT I sweated through it AND put in an addtional 15 on the bike. Right now as I sit here at 11:30pm in PAIN, I have to admit I don't feel a sense of accomplishment. I sorta feel like I am in a downward spiral. Which leads me to the quote for today. I absolutely LOVE it. So I will embrace the pain and have faith that everyone isn't lying to me when they say it will GO AWAY!

I Promise that on Saturday I will catch up with the artwork. For tonight I don't have any more energy to fight with PSE4. Gotta get my sleep so I can kill myself at the gym tomorrow. LOL

Day 3 Layout: Dirt Kit
by Kim Crothers @ CreativeSnaps.com
Font: Tekton Pro

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 2

OK... so it was really difficult for my "legs to carry me" out of bed this morning... so much for that BABY steps class I did yesterday. Yet still standing in that scalding shower allowing the ache to flow from my body this morning, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I have been having this conversation in my head all day about whether or not it was worth it to go again today... I mean I KNEW it was, but there were SO many excuses in my mind. In the end, I knew I had to go. I made a commitment. As I was working out this afternoon (30 minutes of treadmill, 15 minutes of bike, and my weights routine) I felt GREAT!! NO MORE EXCUSES!! Now the dreaded ache is back... they say it will dissapate soon - Lets hope so!

Day 2 Layout: Silly Flower Kit
by Kim Crothers @ CreativeSnaps.com
Font: VinerHand ITC

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

21 Day Challenge - Day 1

A really good friend, Barbara, sent me the 21 day challenge, and I have been struggling for about a day with what I need to focus on for a goal. I am the type of person who gets all excited and has too many goals all at once which is counter productive for me because my enthusiasm only lasts about a day before I am absolutely worn out. So after much consideration, my *MAIN* goal is weight loss. The two subsets that I narrowed it to are “eliminating snacking between meals” and “going to the gym and doing at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 times a week”. Whew that was a mouthful! So do I have to choose??? I think I should. I am going to ponder another day and decide tomorrow. For now I can celebrate! I didn’t snack at all between meals today, AND I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the treadmill and a baby steps class. (boy am I feelin' it!!)

Cover Layout: CosmicSlush Kit
by Kim Crothers @ CreativeSnaps.com
Font: MarkerFinePoint-Plain

Day 1 Layout: CosmicSlush Kit
by Kim Crothers @ CreativeSnaps.com
Font: Juice ITC